Concrete Syntax-Based Find

Concrete Syntax-Based Find for Graphical Domain Specific Languages



Find is a typical service in textual tools. However, textual queries are not suitable for searching in graph structures such as models of graph-based domain-specific languages. With textual queries, it is difficult to restrict the scope of the query or to search for a graph structure. Therefore, we propose to use a concrete syntax-based find instead. To support it in various DSLs, the concrete syntax-based find is provided as a service of a DSL tool definition framework. Using the concrete syntax-based find, it is possible to find answers faster and with higher accuracy than without the find service. We have also extended the concrete syntax-based find to support concrete syntax-based find-replace. The approach has been implemented in the web-based DSL tool development framework ajoo.

Source code is available at github repository .

Set up instruction

Install Meteor;

Download project source code;

Run "meteor" in the project folder;

If there is error run "meteor npm install --save @babel/runtime";

Run "meteor" again;

Open http://localhost:3000/ in the browser.


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E. Kalnina Konkrētā sintaksē balstīta meklēšana, Populārzinātniska publikācija, 2021 (Popular science publication in Latvian.)


elina.kalnina (et) lumii.lv

The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia (IMCS UL)